Civil Rights and Criminal Justice

Be:Seattle - "We strive to connect people with resources through innovative projects and are dedicated to training the next generation of community organizers."


Campaign for Equal Justice - "We promote equal justice by generating resources, making grant investments and providing technical help for our state’s network of civil legal aid providers. All of our work is guided by the goal of making real the promise of justice for all.”

Columbia Legal Services - "Columbia Legal Services advocates for people who face injustice and poverty. We seek to achieve social and economic justice for all, using policy reform, litigation, and innovative partnerships to reveal and end actions that harm the communities we serve.”

The Center for Open Policing - "The Center for Open Policing is a Washington non-profit dedicated to police accountability and promoting public access to police records."

FairVote Washington - FairVote Washington seeks to make democracy fair, functional, and more representative.

Freedom Education Project - "Our mission is to provide a rigorous college program to incarcerated women in Washington and create pathways to higher education after women are released from prison."

Pat Granney Company – “Pat Graney Company's mission is to create, tour and perform new dance and installation works, and conduct arts-based educational programming for incarcerated women, girls and other special populations.”

Post-Prison Education Program - "The Post-Prison Education Program offers hope and creates opportunity for people returning to society by providing access to higher education. Imprisoned and formerly imprisoned people are offered the tools and human support they need to find gainful, meaningful employment, and break free from cycles of hopelessness, poverty, and imprisonment and become leaders for change."

Washington Appleseed – “Washington Appleseed works to address social and economic problems in our state by developing new public policy initiatives, challenging unjust laws, and helping people better understand and fully exercise their rights. We believe that by engaging both volunteer lawyers and community partners in these efforts, we better identify systemic problems, outline potential solutions, and achieve effective and lasting social change.”

Washington State Budget & Policy Center - "To use research and analysis to advance the well-being of Washington communities, improve the economic security and social opportunity of all in the state, and support the essential role of government in promoting a just and prosperous society."

Washington State Coalition for Language Access – “WASCLA, or the Washington State Coalition for Language Access, is an organization consisting of legal professionals, advocates, law enforcement personnel, interpreters/translators, and court personnel who are dedicated to assisting state and local agencies within the State of Washington to understand and comply with their obligations under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

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